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Posted by Lino Dicecca on May 10, 2012

Weddings and Fine Dining Menu Samples

Fine Dining Menus are in most cases customized to suit your tastes

and budgets. These are but a few to whet your appetite. Please call to

discuss your needs. Please note: All fine dining menus are typically

preceded by appetizer service found in our list herein.

“Don, we wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work that went into creating such a beautiful wedding for us. The hall looked amazing, your staff was fantastic and the food was absolutely delicious! Your attention to detail and wonderful hospitality was noted and commented on by so many of our guests. We can’t thank you enough! We will spread the word about you and your fantastic company.”

The Love Me Tender…Loin


Yellow and Red tomatoes, sliced and surrounding braided bocconcini cheese

in a raspberry marinade accompanied by fresh figs wrapped in prosciutto


Pasta prepared in a fresh “pomodoro” sauce served with fresh hot

peppers and Parmesan cheese and garnished with fresh basil


Beef tenderloin, seasoned and oven-baked in a peppercorn jus

served with; Mashed yams wrapped and baked with fresh leeks

accompanied by; Seasoned asparagus bundles

The Vegetarian Meal

Blackened tofu steak, stacked with a grilled Portobello mushroom served with;

The Dessert

Peach halves oven baked and filled with a maple walnut puree, served

with a dollop of whip cream and garnished with baking sugar.


The Round and Round The World


Served on a rectangular plate guests will enjoy small portions,

set in a straight line the following three items:

On The Left

2 oz piece of grilled Alaskan Codfish, in a spicy “secret” batter

set a top a dollop of orange and coriander aioli

In the Centre

A perfectly formed portion of Basmati Rice prepared with authentic seasoning

and Masala and topped with diced green beans and tomato chutney

On the Right

A mini-Naan-Sandwich prepared with thinly sliced chicken, grilled and topped

with a tangy mango yoghurt “mayo” and sprinkled with toasted almonds


Penne Pasta in a curried butternut squash, Parmesan

cream sauce. Topped with a Red edible flower


Served on a square plate guests will enjoy a “tower” of the following items:

Lining the bottom and centre of the plate we will prepare a fresh green

paneer, and then place: A “round” of sweet yams, seasoned with paprika

and butter, seas salt and black pepper, wrapped with fresh leeks and top

this stack with a: Chicken Supreme stuffed with sweet sundried tomatoes

and fresh herbs topped with a mango and peppercorn “jus” Chives will

stand straight up from the mashed yams to create a “stem” effect

and nestled against it a Yellow edible flower

The Dessert Calzone

02 small Italian calzone or “inside out pizza” stuffed with Goat cheese ricotta,

lightly fried and then set a top fresh caramel and topped with baking sugar.


The Mo-Rockin’ Meal


Set in a triangle the following three items: Two separate dollops: the first a

homemade hummus and the second a vegetable dip Each will have one

“triangle” of toasted flatbread. Garnished with Edible flower

In the Centre: Small bowl

A round cup filled with a Moroccan Lentil Soup topped with shaved carrots (vegetable

stock only) A selection of pickled cucumbers and kalamata and green olives


On a bed of cous cous we will be pleased to serve a traditional Moroccan Stew or Tagine,

prepared with: almonds, chick peas, gingerroot, raisins, cilantro, cumin, curry

and a host of other Middle Eastern delights.  Garnished with Edible flower


First on the plate we will find: On a bed of pan fried garlic spinach and

orange yoghurt “chutney” and topped still again with: This twist on

a Moroccan Tagine involves a Chicken supreme stuffed with dates,

figs, NO ALMONDS, prepared in a saffron, cinnamon marinade

The entire plate topped with edible florals


An actual chocolate cup filled with a selection of mixed berries and;

Traditional Baklava garnished below with drizzle of honey and topped

with an edible flower and; An apple crumble garnished below and

abovewith a chocolate and caramel drizzle

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