Vending Programs

Posted by Lino Dicecca on April 3, 2012


Our vending division works in partnership with a reliable third party and looks at vending in a different way – we focus on meeting the needs of your employees. Our products and services focus on your employees in four areas that research shows they care most about

  • Variety of products
  • Popular brands
  • Healthy items
  • New items

Your employees appreciate the convenience of having meal and refreshment choices available around the clock, 24 hrs a day. We ensure we provide you with hassle-free service, which means our machines will be filled, fully serviced and ready to go right when you need it.


“A big thanks to On The Move for its vision and unique approach to vending products. We finally have a ample and healthy slections to choose from. We no longer feel like the vending machine is a place for leftovers, only first rate food items!”


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