Staff & Rentals

Posted by Lino Dicecca on May 10, 2012

The Staff

Each of our valued staff members are chosen with care…and caution. On The Move A Catering & Events Company recognizes that all of your hard work and ours will be forgotten if represented by less than capable, qualified and passionate individuals. In addition to our core team, staff members are contracted on a per- event basis to confirm that their standards and benchmarks are as high as yours, ensuring that we provide you, with the best gustatory and service experience possible.

Dependent upon the nature of the event, staff is contracted at a rate of $25.00-$37.00 per hour plus gratuities if applicable. Staff is contracted for a minimum of 4 hours. Additional hours and travel time will be billed as extra for events outside the GTA.

“We have used On The Move A Catering for several events and have never been disappointed with the service provided. Working with On The Move in planning out events leaves one with confidence that the event will be a success and everyone leaves fully satisfied. The quality, variety and presentation always results in people asking for more. The professionalism knowledge of Lino and all the staff leaves one with confidence that success is at hand. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

The Rentals

This is a brief list of some of the most used and most basic “rental” items. Of course, there are hundreds of others. This list is to help get you started. While we don’t own the equipment listed, we have teamed up with some of the best providers of “event rental items” and look forward to providing those items to you.

The Tables
60” round, seats 8
72” round, seats 10
Cruiser, 42” high
Buffet, 8ft.

The Chairs
White Plastic Bistro
White Wooden Folding

The Linens
90” round white
120” round white
72” x 144” white

The Dinnerware
10” Dinner Plate
8” Salad Plate
6” Dessert Plate
Cup and Saucer
Pasta Dish
Espresso Cup & Saucer
Cream and Sugar Service

The Flatware
Dinner Knife
Dinner Fork
Salad Fork
Dessert Fork
Soup Spoon

The Glassware
8 oz Wine glass
10 oz Wine/Water glass
12 oz Pilsner Glass
Champagne Flute
Martini Glass Large
Shot Glass

The Caterware
Chaffing/Warming Dishes
Butane Burner
Heat Lamp
Electric Warming Oven
Propane Warming Oven
Propane Grill/BBQ, 6ft
Cutting Board
100 cup coffee urn

The Frame Tents, White
10’ x 10’
20’ x 20’
30’ x 30’

The Miscellaneous Items
Salt and Pepper Service
Breadbaskets, small
Plastic Ice Tubs

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