School Lunch Programs

Posted by Lino Dicecca on March 31, 2012

A school meal is typically lunch. This meal is served according to the academic schedule of each school. Lunch times usually run from 11: AM to 1: PM with students typically allotted 20 minutes of actual eating time. Depending on enrollments, activities, and other variables, schools usually have one to three lunch periods. Some schools offer breakfast programs with serving times ranging from 7: AM to 9: AM. Breakfasts do not realize the participation of the lunch programs. Over the decades, school meals have changed with the times. Trends, nutritional values and economics have all played roles in shaping each program. Marketing and a push for healthier meals are two major contributions to the program this decade.

On The Move is developing and extensive School program which is beginning with the following program. Custom options are available.

“The food by On the Move is well prepared and delivered with care. The staff are knowledgeable and always willing to help out when they can. Meals are healthy and cooked fresh – the team is also very willing to accommodate special requests.”

The School Lunch Menu

The Turkey

3 slices of Oven baked turkey, cranberry spread, honey mustard, and lettuce served on whole wheat breads

Black Forest Ham

Shaved baked Ham, served with sliced tomatoes, mustard, shaved cabbage, sliced cheese served on multi grain breads

Roast Beef

Whole grain bread served with shaved roast beef (4 ounces), two slices of tomatoes, monetary jack cheese and honey mustard spread

Grilled Chicken Wrap

3 slices of grilled chicken topped with avocado spread, alfalfa sprouts and shredded cheddar cheese

Chicken Salad Wrap

Grilled and diced chicken, diced tomatoes, lime juice, low fat mayo and lettuce

Egg Salad

Traditional egg salad prepared with light mayonnaise and served on whole wheat, white and/or whole wheat bread

The PB & J

*NEW Wow butter (peanut free) and jelly, flavour to be discussed


Ham turkey bacon, light mayo, lettuce and tomato on whole wheat Kaiser Buns

The Tuna Salad

Traditional tuna, packed in water, served on rye bread and mixed with mayonnaise, red onion, celery and a touch of extra-virgin olive oil, garnished with bruschetta-style tomatoes

$ 4.00 per unit delivered


The Salads

The Mixed Greens

Mixed Greens served with cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots and three cucumbers slices Italian dressing (served on side)

The Crudités Boxes

3 carrot sticks, 3 cucumber sticks 2 broccoli and 3 tomato wedges (wedges recommended for choking hazard

The Caesar Salad

Caesar with homemade croutons parmesan cheese, homemade bacon bits and a lemon wedge, dressing on side

$4.45 per unit delivered


The Protein Salads

The Caesar Salad

Grilled Chicken, with romaine lettuce, lemon, and fresh grated Parmesan cheeses, homemade croutons and bacon bits

The Salmon Salad

Grilled Salmon served with mixed greens (mesculin mix) served with assorted seasonal vegetables, dried Asian Noodles and our own homemade honey-balsamic vinaigrette

$ 6.35 per unit delivered

Oasis Tetra 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra Fruits Ect. 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra Fruits Ect. 30X200ml
Oasis Tetra Fruits Ect. 30X200ml
Oasis Fruitzoo 30X200ml
Oasis Fruitzoo 30X200ml
Oasis Fruitzoo 30X200ml

Exotic Mango
Apple Concentrate
7- Fruit Tropical
Tropical Passion
10 Veggie Cocktail
Fruits Ect. Delicious Yellow
Delicious Red
Delicious Purple
Strawberry/Ban Vitamins & M
Peach/Clem Vitamins and M
Apple Calcium


The Beverages: The Milk

White Milk or Chocolate Milk Containers, standard

$ .55 per unit delivered

Note: minimum orders apply

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