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Posted by Lino Dicecca on March 31, 2012

Legend has it that Breakfast was invented by the Scottish Highlanders in 1342, when they discovered that the evening’s haggis leftovers were even better the next morning cold. Soon, they began accompanying this early morning meal with robin’s eggs they would find out on the heath. By 1481 they were cooking the eggs, and in 1652 they decided to skip the haggis altogether (Thank Goodness!), creating the first “modern” breakfast of ham and eggs, with golden whole wheat toast and fresh creamery butter.

“On The Move is definitely my caterer of choice. Don is always able to work magic no matter the scale or scope of the event. Quality and quantity are never in question even with tight time frames and budgets. Thanks OTM for helping make my events a success!”

Breakfast menus are becoming increasingly popular and we are pleased to offer you an extensive list of breakfast items delivered hot or cold in a variety of styles. Keep in mind, no one really wants a bagel without a toaster, and there’s no such thing as a “low fat” muffin. If you choose, breakfast can be cooked live on site by one of our chefs and served by one of our qualified servers.

The Breakfast Appetizers

Other options available. Items below purchased by the dozen.

The Brie Crostini

Whipped Brie Crostino with roasted grapes and crispy bacon.

Las Chiquita Banana

An assortment of seasonal fruit skewers, sliced and diced…poor things.

The Blueberry Hills

Mini-Blueberry pancakes, made fresh and served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and blueberries.

The Hamana

Fresh baked honey-ham, sliced thin and rolled in whole-wheat flatbread with slices of banana and a dash of honey, sliced for bite-sized morsels.

The Egg-Roll

Eggs, baked frittata style, and then rolled in spinach and tomato flatbread with an assortment of seasonal diced vegetables sliced for bite-sized morsels.

The Corny

Mini corn muffins topped with, Brie cheese and fresh strawberries.

The Mini-Bun

Mini fresh baked buns filled with an egg omelette containing peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

The Goat Cheese

Goat cheese balls flavoured with paprika and chives and covered in sesame and poppy seeds.

The Smoked Salmon Spiral

Fresh salmon, spun and filled with horseradish cream, garnished with dill on potato pancake.


The Breakfast Menu Samples

The Ego

An array of large size baked goods including chocolate, cheese and cherry croissant, cream cheese, apple and mixed fruit Danish and bran, carrot and blueberry muffins.

The Very Creamy Indeed

Assorted bagels, cream cheese and jams. Served with smoked salmon upon request.

The Tutti-Frutti

A selection of seasonal mixed fruit, served sliced, diced, on a tray, whole or in a bowl, with fresh coconut to sprinkle.

The Highway Diner

Scrambled eggs, sausage or bacon, toast and jam, coffee, O.J. and a waitress named Ethel.

The Barrel Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, back bacon, or sausage. A delectable array of large size baked goods including chocolate, cheese and cherry croissant, cream cheese, apple and mixed fruit Danish and bran, carrot and blueberry muffins. Fresh orange and apple juice, toast and jam.

Th’’ “On The Moving” Continental

Fresh croissant ““sandwiches”” served with a pepper and red onion omelette, topped with tomato, sprouts and mayonnaise and served with fresh fruit and cheese platter.

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