Our Restaurant

Our Establishment

On The Move Catering & Events is proud to own and operate a lunch time restaurant called Soup & a Sandwich. This location caters to members of Corporate Canada. We are ground level and offer plenty of free parking. The partners of our firm have over 30 years experience building and running restaurants and chains that include: Just Desserts, Lettieri’s Cafe, & Coffee, Tea or Me.

Come in today for an affordable and healthy fast lunch!

“Don, I just wanted to comment on the service that Marina and Ray provided today, it was fantastic! They were efficient, pleasant and most helpful. I would also like to thank you personally for organizing this luncheon and for providing excellent service on such short notice. Everyone loved the set up and most importantly the food!”

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Fine Print


Detailed budgets are provided upon request and sent via fax, email, mail or courier. Depending on event schedules, proposals are provided within one week from request. Proposals are valid for 2 weeks from the date delivered.


Dependent upon the nature of the event, staff is contracted at a rate of $25.00-$37.00 per hour plus gratuities if applicable. Staff is contracted for a minimum of 4 hours. Additional hours and travel time will be billed as extra for events outside the GTA.


Deliveries for events within the GTA are dependent upon size, scope and nature of the event. Rates start at $25.00. Outside vendor delivery rates apply.


On The Move —A Catering Company reserves the right to alter pricing as a result of fluctuations in market demand, product availability or timing.


On The Move —A Catering Company is pleased to accept payment for goods and services rendered in the following ways: Corporate or Personal cheques, Debit, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. All invoices are due upon receipt. Corporate clients are extended 14-30 day terms when and where required. Deposits paid for future events are non-refundable.


All thoughts, ideas and menus found herein, or realized through outside media are the intellectual property of, and fall under the sole ownership of On The Move —A Catering Company. Any reproduction of these ideas, writ- ten words, images, menus etc., will result in formal legal action. On The Move —A Catering Company is proudly represented by Sotos Associates, Lawyers and Trademark Agents.

Staff & Rentals

The Staff

Each of our valued staff members are chosen with care…and caution. On The Move A Catering & Events Company recognizes that all of your hard work and ours will be forgotten if represented by less than capable, qualified and passionate individuals. In addition to our core team, staff members are contracted on a per- event basis to confirm that their standards and benchmarks are as high as yours, ensuring that we provide you, with the best gustatory and service experience possible.

Dependent upon the nature of the event, staff is contracted at a rate of $25.00-$37.00 per hour plus gratuities if applicable. Staff is contracted for a minimum of 4 hours. Additional hours and travel time will be billed as extra for events outside the GTA.

“We have used On The Move A Catering for several events and have never been disappointed with the service provided. Working with On The Move in planning out events leaves one with confidence that the event will be a success and everyone leaves fully satisfied. The quality, variety and presentation always results in people asking for more. The professionalism knowledge of Lino and all the staff leaves one with confidence that success is at hand. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

The Rentals

This is a brief list of some of the most used and most basic “rental” items. Of course, there are hundreds of others. This list is to help get you started. While we don’t own the equipment listed, we have teamed up with some of the best providers of “event rental items” and look forward to providing those items to you.

The Tables
60” round, seats 8
72” round, seats 10
Cruiser, 42” high
Buffet, 8ft.

The Chairs
White Plastic Bistro
White Wooden Folding

The Linens
90” round white
120” round white
72” x 144” white

The Dinnerware
10” Dinner Plate
8” Salad Plate
6” Dessert Plate
Cup and Saucer
Pasta Dish
Espresso Cup & Saucer
Cream and Sugar Service

The Flatware
Dinner Knife
Dinner Fork
Salad Fork
Dessert Fork
Soup Spoon

The Glassware
8 oz Wine glass
10 oz Wine/Water glass
12 oz Pilsner Glass
Champagne Flute
Martini Glass Large
Shot Glass

The Caterware
Chaffing/Warming Dishes
Butane Burner
Heat Lamp
Electric Warming Oven
Propane Warming Oven
Propane Grill/BBQ, 6ft
Cutting Board
100 cup coffee urn

The Frame Tents, White
10’ x 10’
20’ x 20’
30’ x 30’

The Miscellaneous Items
Salt and Pepper Service
Breadbaskets, small
Plastic Ice Tubs


Events & Experiences….& Decor

On The Move is proud to partner with one of the city’s leading Décor and Experiential professionals. Here is what one of them has to say:

“Corporate entertaining is a refined communication tool embodying the qualities that appeal to peoples emotions.” Elvira Muffolini, Principal of deVan, a niche lifestyle marketing firm.

There is nothing more effective for a company than creating an enjoyable experience that leaves a lasting impression.”


Business and social events break through media clutter like no other channel. The most successful events engage and immerse guests in an environment that personifies the essence of the brand, product or service.

One area of the marketing mix that has retained its significance and sophistication is Décor and event marketing.

How do businesses maintain interest and excitement whilst creating an unforgettable atmosphere? People want to be connected to other people, not just information.

They want to interact with the reason they have been brought together and in a comfortable environment. At its best, business entertainment offers guests a memorable and stimulating event. Companies make their impression through their choice of venue, food, music and visual surroundings.


A mental state that arises spontaneously; a part of the consciousness that involves feeling; sensibility

The most unique and successful events are those where the guests are literally immersed in environments that seduce them, open them up and connect with their emotions.

Time is always at a premium so if your guests commit themselves to your event, it better be good. If you can’t be unique and genuine-forget about it! Many companies struggle with the human resources to make the simplest of gatherings interesting.

Companies require sophisticated creativity in the staging of VIP business events, incentive travel and even routine customer meetings. There is an abundance of resources, previously available only to planners and event industry groups. From lighting specialists to party-orientated florists, you can now locate services easily from telephone books, the Internet, and other directories. Events need to offer fresh inspiration for guests.


Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity

So what is the most important element? Creativity! Be sure to create concepts with visual appeal, interesting themes, pleasing music, fabulous décor and outstanding food. All of these aspects are the particular touches that enhance the atmosphere.


Any surrounding influence; a dominant intellectual or emotional environment or attitude

Business entertaining is all about creating, delivering and maintaining a poignant experience – one that people need, desire and remember.

Call or write to us today to see how On The Move Catering & Events and its partners at devan can assist you in inspiring your next atmosphere.

Corporate Lunch Programs

Studies have shown that providing your employees with healthy, homemade options for lunch increases productivity and saves the company time….and money. On The Move a Catering & Events company is proud to provide standard lunch programs for companies like Air Canada and others in the GTA.

“My workplace has decided to contract the catering service from OTM for our business needs simply because we found them to be the best in terms of selection, quality, presentation & pricing…keep up the good work!”


We provide the entire set up including all paper and plastic goods, linens, chaffing dishes and any other required items. We deliver the food, set up the lunch, guests serve themselves and we return later in the day for clean up and re set the following day.

For a minimum of 40 guests each day from Monday through Friday we are pleased to provide this standard meal for (Custom orders and menus are possible of course):



  • Chicken Parmigiana in a traditional Italian basil-red sauce and fresh Parmesan cheeses,
  • Pasta (sauce/flavor, chef’s choice)
  • Mixed greens (mesculin mix) served with assorted seasonal vegetables and our own homemade honey-balsamic vinaigrette



  • For the vegetarians in the room we are pleased to present our own, special “On The Move Fry” This dish will start with freshly prepared Chinese yellow egg noodles, then we’ll pile on sautéed and steamed onions, bok choy, peppers, mushrooms, sprouts, water chestnuts, baby corn and any other seasonal vegetables we can yank from the ground! Served with;
  • Mandarin orange and nut salad prepared with romaine lettuce and a poppy seed vinaigrette



  • Fajitas (Chicken and Grilled Vegetable)
  • Seasoned White Rice
  • Mexican Style Salad



  • This traditional Lasagna contains layers and layers of fresh pasta dividing lean ground beef, a selection of cheeses, herbs spices and a traditional basil red sauce
  • Mixed greens (mesculin mix) served with assorted seasonal vegetables and our own homemade honey-balsamic vinaigrette



  • BBQ Chicken prepared with onions and a red pepper marinade
  • Seasonal grilled vegetables including red pepper, eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms served in an olive oil marinade
  • Oven roasted potatoes


Note: All menus include: Bread and Butter, Homemade cookies, bottled water and paper and plastic goods

Please call us directly to find our more about how this program can work for you.

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